What is the Write to Heal Community?

We are a global community of people recovering from addiction and abuse who have come together to heal through the power of poetry.

What’s included in the membership?


Our membership is a judgment-free zone for survivors of addiction and/or abuse who want to heal through the power of

It includes poetry basics (structure, form, etc), inspirational content, as well as information on what’s worked for me, some of my favourite poets, and other mediums for you to be even more creative.

Not only that, but I have guest experts (other artists, therapists,
etc) sharing their knowledge as well!

Additionally, there is a whole community for everyone to get to know each other, support each other, and discuss topics that matter to them in a safe space.

I’d love for you to join us!

Writing allows us to make sense of things. When we see events in black and white, we can begin to explore our true feelings. It can help us find answers, or even accept that we may never have any.

Anyone who’s been lost in a book knows that words can take us places. They have power. Journaling can help in practising mindfulness and work through even day-to-day mundane problems.

Do you need additional support? Would you like to join an inclusive community of people who want to heal from abuse and
addiction through the power of poetry?

The Write to Heal community is here for you!

We're closed

Our Membership is currently closed, but will open in December! Click the button below to get an email notification for when enrollment opens.