Artists in Recovery [AiR for short] curate events featuring the work of artists in recovery from addiction and helps those artists to promote and sell their work.

I am thrilled to announce that I am a part of this beautiful group of like-minded people and have the opportunity to share my work in this new and exciting way!


Over the years I’ve done a few poetry readings, but I don’t feel as though it conveys my work how it’s meant to be seen. For me, the beauty is in the words themselves: their placement, punctuation, how they move across the page. ee cummings has always been a huge influence on my writing; neither of us particularly like capital letters, and instead rely on words themselves to convey the point.

I have sometimes felt a bit like an imposter when calling myself an artist. I don’t draw or paint [at least not very well,] I haven’t made a collage in years, and I don’t dabble in color. But although the outer facade is quite simple, it further emphasizes the point: the words, and what they represent.

This sounds a bit pretentious. All I really mean to say is that although it is simple in design, it’s complex in thought, and I suppose that’s the point of all writing.

where to find me

If you want to come take a look at a selection of my poems, as well as some gorgeous drawings, paintings, sculptures, and stained glass by other various artists, it’s all at the gallery on the bridge at Tynemouth Metro Station in Newcastle, UK, and will be up from 18 March – 30 April 2019. You can take a look at the official event on Facebook here. I will be doing a couple appearances while the exhibition is on, which I will announce on my Facebook page, so be sure to follow me there!

Please keep in mind that my art is entirely self-funded. You can support me by becoming a patron on my official patreon. Please follow that link to learn more about what Patreon is, how it works, and how to help support me [and other artists and musicians you love] financially.

As always, I would like to thank each and every one of you for your support, whether you’ve been following me for years or are brand new here. You’re all wonderful, and I love you.