addiction & recovery


I got sober on January 1st, 2016. Before and since, life has been a hell of a roller coaster. I’ve written during panic attacks in the depths of addiction, and while riding the pink cloud in early recovery. It’s all real, it’s sometimes shit, sometimes great, and it all passes.

I’ve written about others’ addiction as well, such as growing up with an alcoholic father, and the ongoing ripples that effect the lives of myself and my family to this day.

I hope that my experience can help others, including those fighting their own battles with addiction or family members of addicts. Addiction isn’t easy to understand, and it tears lives apart, but there is always hope. Anyone can change if they want to.

Some selections include Trigger Warnings for descriptions of sexual assault and domestic violence.

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Edges is a poem about recovery and struggle with addiction. It’s about 12 Step Programs, listening to similarities, and staying in the middle of the boat.



Ink is a poem I wrote after getting a tattoo about the juxtaposition between the angry marks I used to make on my body and the loving ones I make now.

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