Journal to Heal Workshop

Journaling can help in practising mindfulness and work through trauma and even day-to-day mundane problems.

Complex-PTSD: CiCi’s Story

How the brain is affected by PTSD, what Chronic PTSD is, and my relationship with it, including my diagnosis, symptoms, and how I cope.


The ups and downs of quarantine and the struggles I’ve faced so far including mental illness, chronic pain flares, and happier things like my dog’s first birthday.

2019 | a year in photos

A photo essay covering my sober birthday and surgery in January, celebrating my anniversary, getting a puppy and loads of traveling!

This is not a good poem

Why am I not writing?
There is too much to say,
And I’m still learning the language.

Join the Write to Heal Community

An inclusive community for survivors of addiction, abuse, and trauma to come together and heal using the power of writing.

Journal to Heal Workshop

Have you thought about journaling but find it overwhelming and aren’t sure where to start? Maybe you’ve tried it but are unable to stick with it!

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