‘Relationship’ is one of those words that encompasses a number of connections and bonds. I’ve written loads on the subject, and yet I find that there is always more to say. There is just so much to cover: friendships, lovers, ex-lovers, parent/child relationships, or even relationships in the broader sense: people you meet on the street, clients, or your local barista.

I’ve been through a lot, and shared almost all. Writing is therapeutic for me, a way to explore my feelings, close chapters, and move on. I hope that I can help people by sharing my experiences, even through the darkest times of my life, of which there have been several.

Some selections include Trigger Warnings for descriptions of sexual assault and domestic violence.

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the beach after rain

the beach after rain

“The Beach After Rain” is a poem about what happens when a person becomes your home. It can be hard to depend on someone, but the right person makes it easy.



Listen is a poem that came about from a few therapy sessions. It’s about coming to terms with past abuse, and the way your past can stick with you.



Pictures is a poem about the way my husband, Si, takes photos of people when they’re not looking, including me. It features his original photography.



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