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My name is CiCi Reagan and I'm an alcoholic. I grew up with an abusive alcoholic father and started my own drinking career at 14. My mom was diagnosed with ALS, my uncle died, and my father tried to kill himself within two months of each other in late 2007, which sent my downward spiral into overdrive. I got involved with an older man and moved in with him to escape my home environment but the relationship was very abusive and ended when he tried to kill me in 2014. I was drinking heavily then, at least a bottle a night, and began drinking in the mornings just to function. I went to my first meeting in January of 2015. I was in and out of the rooms for a full year. In January 2016 I went to the UK and spent 6 months immersing myself in all things recovery. I used the program and took direction and it stuck. I'm back in the US now, have a sponsor, and have been working the steps. Tonight, 9/1/16, I got my chip for nine months of sobriety. I shouldn't be alive today, and consider myself, and all of us in recovery, walking miracles. Never give up on yourself. ODAAT ♡ @cicireagan

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