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Miss CiCi Reagan collects life experience as her primary profession. She enjoys camping out in bookstore floors and driving aimlessly. CiCi is a recovering alcoholic and shares her experience, strength, and hope publicly in an effort to help others and end the stigma of addiction. She also writes about the various forms of loss and abuse she’s experienced, and hopes to one day open a shelter for victims of domestic violence which will be more than just a place to stay, but instead a haven for rehabilitating the lives of those who suffer when love is used as a weapon.


She is in the process of writing her first novel and manages her website, which boasts a following of devoted readers. You can always find her near large bodies of water. CiCi loves all animals, especially pit-bulls, and is usually covered in random bruises. She prides herself in being a walking jukebox, and wears her old Marilyn Manson t-shirt like a suit of armor.

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 Rest In Peace Melissa Reagan-Smith