I could sit here forever,
Watch life pass me by
And wait for something good
To finally happen.

I could work on my book
And write a million poems
And let the moon chase me
As I drive down the parkway
And watch the tide
Go in and out.

I could dream
And dance by myself
And look at old notebooks
And pictures of ghosts
And try, to no avail,
To remember voices
That have long been silent.

I could clean my room
And fold my laundry
And organize and dust
And do these fucking dishes.
I could take out the trash.

I could buy flowers
And go to the cemetery,
Sit on the cold stone
And wish for things
That will never change.

Or I could see things
I’ve never seen before.
Ride a train,
Take a chance,
Fall in love.

I could walk down new streets
And meet new people
And get out of this place
Full of whispered memories
Of past lives cut short.

I could live,
Find my purpose,
Breathe easy.
Be free.
I could go to England.


Photo Credit: Si