This is why I drink.

I drink because I trust you
And you lie to me
And I’m forced to re-think,
Our entire relationship.

I drink because I hurt.
Painkillers are okay
Because it’s my name printed
On the side of the bottle.
But the name I want to see
Is Bombay Sapphire
Wild Turkey 101
Hell, Mad Dog 20/20.
These are my drugs of choice.

I drink because I left him
In one night
Me and my trusty steed
And my getaway bag.
I left my home
And my boys
And never looked back.

I drink because she died.
She was stolen from me
In the ugliest way.
I watched her slowly fade.
Like a lightning bug
On a sticky July night
She lit up
For the last time
And my mother was gone.


I drink because it’s easy.
Facing demons is tough shit
And remembering is difficult.
I forgot for a reason.

I drink because he never loved me.
He only loved himself.
He left my sister and I
To tackle life alone.
He imparted no life-lessons,
No fatherly advice.
He vanished, inside a bottle.

It seemed like a good idea
At the time.

I drink to be someone else.
I can forget the world,
My inhibitions,
I can tell you what I really think.
I can sing karaoke
And dance my heart out,
Accept that free drink
From the guy in the cowboy hat.
I can be someone new
The free spirit
In the high-waisted jeans
Taking shots of whiskey
With the big boys.

I drink because
It kills time,
Kills memory,
Kills me.

Sometimes the sun
Shines too brightly
On what I’d rather not see.
So I drink.



Photos by Karl Templer for interview magazine in “Pretty Wasted.”