food noise

Food noise relates to the emotions tied to eating. In this piece, I talk about my personal battles with food noise, and giving up the fight to let love win.

my first slutwalk

In July 2018, I attended my first Slutwalk. The experience was very powerful. I’ve collected my thoughts and photos in this post.

twenty seven

This year, I turned twenty seven. I look forward and back and update the internet on my life, address the job situation, and speak to my younger self. I also bought a wicked cool belt.

my top 5 skincare tips

These tips and products have been curated over the years through trial and error. There is something for everyone, and they’re all vegan and cruelty free.

why i moved to the uk

I’m an American girl from the South and I have the accent to prove it, and now I live in the land of chip butties and mince pies. This post explains why.

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