why i moved to the uk

I’m an American girl from the South and I have the accent to prove it, and now I live in the land of chip butties and mince pies. This post explains why.

7 things to expect in recovery

This article is a list based on mine and others experience getting sober through a 12 Step Program to help those navigating their own recovery.

my top 5 supplements

In this post I share my tried and true, ride or die supplements that I’ve been taking for years to help with my Endometriosis and overall health.

thoughts from Costa

While sitting in a Costa in Newcastle, killing time before I headed to therapy, I wrote this short poem about distance, and moving from the US to the UK.


Listen is a poem that came about from a few therapy sessions. It’s about coming to terms with past abuse, and the way your past can stick with you.

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